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is good
— John Mayer
Baby Jax

Baby Jax

Would you just look at this cute little fam!?

I met Brandon and Allison back in January. A friend of mine and one of my closest friend’s husband, Tim, worked with Brandon. They hit it off well from the start. Tim & Brandon got to know one another, spent lots of time on the road together for work, had “family dinners” to help each other cope with missing their wives and children. It’s hard to imagine still, but our friend Tim passed away in a car accident this winter. Brandon was going to be meeting him out of town for work, but Tim didn’t make it there.

It was in the days following Tim’s passing that we all (my friends and I) got to know Brandon and how special Tim was to him. He also told us that he and his wife were expecting their first child and he was looking forward to introducing her to us all, despite the circumstances. Fast forward to the day of the funeral, Brandon has a beautiful girl by his side with an adorable baby bump! And I just so happened to have one of those myself….a baby bump! Allison and I seemed to click pretty instantly. As we celebrated Tim’s life together, we shared stories and wishes for our families, friends, and soon-to-be newborn babies.

When baby Jaxon arrived in June, I was giddy to hear that they chose me to be his photographer! And thrilled for the chance to spend more time with them, in a different atmosphere. We felt like old friends during the session and are going to keep in touch from here on out!

Enjoy this sweet baby boy. He’s bound to be a pretty cool dude with parents like his!
PS: Sleepy hat, made by ME! Woohoo!

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